How real-time technology is improving your online experience

Recently, ReadWriteWeb wrote a post about the 5 use cases for the real-time web, including information on registering for the Real-Time Web Summit in New York City in on June 11 if you are particularly interested in the subject.

The reason this post interested me is because of the value I see in applications that use real-time reporting. Real-time information is one of the fastest-growing concepts on the web today. We live in a world where people can’t and shouldn’t wait for information to be delivered through a long, drawn out approval process. People need information at their fingertips an hour ago, not in 2 hours.

At Billhighway, we understand people’s need for instant information, which is why our data is updated in real-time.  Your organization’s financial information is sitting pretty in your Billhighway account at nearly the moment it’s produced, whether you’re asking for it or not.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you no longer have to wait for monthly balance and income statements. Have a last minute meeting? No worries- login to our system from anywhere with internet access to see your latest standings. You are able to pull up-to-date financial information at any time, which leaves you more time to spend advancing your organization’s missions.

Create your own agenda, rather than sticking to ours.

What do you think? How has using real-time web systems improved your online experience?

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