Numbers, Statistics, Donor Data. Oh My!

It’s only March, so don’t worry, you can still make 2015 the year of data-driven decisions. Whether you’re a numbers person or not, we think this post by Hubspot is top notch.

Check them out the following benefits of digging into the data, and if you’re hungry for more, see all the tips here.

 1 Know your audience better
Identifying and segmenting donors based on their likelihood to give and potential gift amounts becomes simpler, allowing you to hone in on donor communication strategies.
 2 If it resonates…they’ll listen & engage
It’s simple. Targeted communications = Higher response rates
 3 Reduce costs AND become more efficient
Analytics can bring insight to processes that take place every day such as data maintenance, targeting, prospect research, reporting and more, to help a fundraising team learn where they can do more with less or bring in additional technology or man power.


Data = Growth
Bringing analytics into an organization can be a big shift and needs to be an initiative that becomes ingrained in the culture. However, steps can be taken to use data that is at your fingertips to assist in decision-making that can help your nonprofit grow.

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