10 weeks? 531 hours? 46 days? Calculate how much time automation can save your association!

We all know that time is money, so we were surprised to learn that 64% of CFO’s say integration of existing systems is a challenge. This information was gleaned from a survey of 355 small-business CFOsSnap app*.

Does your organization still processes online and offline payments separately, manually enter data into Excel and then export/import between different systems? If so, you might have heard your co-workers make comments like these:

“I had to redo my thank you letters because donor data was incorrectly keyed into our donor management system”

“Our finance team changed our lockbox provider, which reduced individual donor revenue by 5%”

“My donors are receiving multiple appeals in the mail because we have so many duplicate records in our database”

Sound familiar? These are just a sampling of the pain points we’ve heard in working with nonprofit finance and fund development groups. Don’t fret though, we’ve perfected the art of merging incoming funds and constituent data with back-office systems. Our auto-matching technology, integrates your financial and donor/member data.

How We Can Help

  • Dollars processed directly at our payment processing center provide increased security & accuracy
  • Incoming data that fits your pre-set parameters to be flagged for follow-up reduce data entry errors
  • Up-to-date reports from your database & accounting system allow you to redeploy resources elsewhere

When it comes to operations, organizations can’t afford to be held back by old technology and processes. We’ve helped many organizations successfully automate their back-office and achieve a streamlined process for managing their dollars and data.

How can we help you regain lost time? Use our time savings calculator to tally us the hours you could save!

*Source: “For Clarity, CFOs Look to the Cloud”, a survey conducted by Bill.com, August 2012.

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