We Attended CodeMash, the Most Unique Developer Event of 2016

codemash imageDevelopers hone their skills to break barriers in technology for labor union dues solution.

Billhighway was a proud sponsor of CodeMash, January 5-8, 2016 in Sandusky, Ohio.  CodeMash, now in its tenth year, is a unique event that educates developers to keep them up-to-date on current practices, methodologies, and technology trends through amazing speakers and incredible content.  It begins with two days of hands-on workshops covering everything from test-driven development to improving communication skills.  CodeMash optimizes the fun by balancing the hardcore educational sessions with a mix of social interactions, including indoor miniature golf, karaoke, and a waterpark party.  The conference also promotes a family-friendly atmosphere with KidzMash, a set of free interactive sessions, games, and activities specifically designed for attendees’ kids and spouses.

Our Development Team attended the event for professional development, to immerse themselves in the tech culture and network with their peers.  While attending the conference, our own developer Patrick Steele, a recognized expert on the Microsoft .NET Framework, presented a sponsor session.  His presentation, “Stack the API odds in your favor with ServiceStack.NET,” introduced attendees to ServiceStack’s architecture and showed them how to decrease the friction of API development while increasing productivity.  Steele is a former Microsoft MVP award winner and author of Visual Studio Magazine’s “C# Corner”.

f229a46c-e1bf-440e-907e-252cf0247fb3-largeAt the Billhighway booth, participants competed to win either a dark side or light side t-shirt by shooting down Star Wars action figures with Nerf guns.  Our booth not only promoted a Star Wars theme, but also the Billhighway Academy.  The Billhighway Academy was started to bring on talented junior developers looking to build next-generation solutions that power leading-edge member-based organizations, including labor unions.

Sean Sterling, who attended CodeMash 2016 and is a Billhighway Junior .NET Developer said, “Although I have four years of development experience, finding a job with a web-based application was extremely challenging because I hadn’t worked with ASP .Net. Then I found the job at Billhighway Academy where I am hands-on developing every day and receive mentoring from senior level developers who are able to share their tips and pointers they’ve learned through experience.”

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