Three Ways Labor Unions Can Leverage Technology to Maximize Member Value

The current labor movement is ever-changing and dynamic, elected leadership and staff should be prepared for anything. Members have always been, and will always be your number one priority to ensure they are protected and treated fairly across the board. In these turbulent times, members now have the opportunity to pay their dues differently.

However, if history is any precursor, future legislation could put traditional dues collection through payroll at risk, such as what happened in Wisconsin and Michigan. This change could throw a wrench in operations, including how you serve your members.

How does your Organization plan to respond?

Here are three ways unions can leverage technology to capitalize on opportunities to provide a superior member experience:

Union member payment data

1. Seamless dues collection and data gathering – Loss of payroll deduction is a reality for a lot of labor unions now. So having funds and data quicker means more assets and insight to make smarter business decisions. More importantly, focus on that campaign you wanted to push or new member benefit(s) launch, which can now happen sooner and quicker.

union member interaction

2. More administrator tools – Volunteers at local affiliates aren’t looking to spend more time than they have to managing the dues and money (They already have full time jobs!). They should be out interacting with members and sharing the value of your organization – dues and cash automation enables them to do that.

union dues payment flexibility

3. Flexibility For Members – Each member’s financial situation can vary, allow them to pay on the schedule and frequency that works for them. Whether it’s monthly, weekly or even annually (or other!)

union data security

The Minimum Requirement – Data security is not in the top three because it is a given – it MUST be part of a technology solution, no excuses. PCI is an acronym that has been talked about a lot recently. Technology brings high security levels to the table and can cater to your requirements to ensure the highest level of member data security. Don’t leave security to chance >>

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