Are you feeling the payment & data pain?

The Payment Conundrum

A member makes a single payment. Included in that payment are dollars for local dues, national dues and perhaps they’re also registering for your annual meeting.

Now what?
  • Do you manually calculate how much belongs to the affiliate and now much belongs to national?data_analyze
  • What about the annual meeting registration, how does the member’s information get updated and the payment accounted for?
  • At the end of the day, how do you make sure each affiliate or entity has the dollars that are allocated to them while the membership information is updated in all systems of record?
    • Do you manually calculate dollar amounts and write a check and mail it to the correct entity? Do you send spreadsheets with member information?
    • How often do you repeat that process? Now times that by 1,000 and you’ve got quite a mess on your hands.

What happens from the moment the payment is made to when the dollars show up at each entity’s bank account is important. It can make or break you.

If the movement of dollars and data in your organization look like a tangled mess, we can help.

Process = Chaos

If your organization is having trouble moving funds and data around the organization, whether it’s

  • national to affiliates
  • affiliates to national or even
  • between affiliates

then it might be time to rethink your processes. There is a simpler, automated way.

With systems integration and automation, you:

  • Automatically update financial and membership data as transactions happen
  • Gain access to dollars from member payments faster
  • Have full insight to accurate and up-to-date reporting
  • Reduce redundant data entry across the organization (this reduces errors!)
  • Make more educated, strategic decisions

Automate & Simplify – where should you start?

Here’s an idea…

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