Missing dollars and data? Here’s how to fix the leaks.

split moneyBeing an organization with many different levels, moving data and dollars across those local, state or regional affiliates can be tough.

Member Management = Foundation

Think of your association as a house and your AMS or member management system as your foundation. It’s solid and essential. Empty_House

What Does Your Data & Payment Plumbing Look Like?Water_faucet

Once you have the foundation and four walls up, next is the plumbing.

My question to you is…

Would you allow faulty plumbing to leak, clog and wreck havoc on your house while water runs through the pipes from the kitchen, to the bathrooms and to the laundry room?

If the answer is no…then why would you let valuable data and dollars leak or get stuck while they try to flow through different levels of your organization?

Let’s go back to the beginning…
What does your process look like from the moment a payment is made, all the way until that payment is settled in the bank account(s)? How is it tracked in all your systems of record? Does the payment end up in a single bank account that then needs to be reconciled? How are the dollars calculated and distributed to local and/or state affiliates? Is the payment and data entered manually?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to think about those things? What if they could happen automatically?

Your next step? To find and fix the leaks that are costing you money.

Protect Against Leaks:
How to collect, store, and use data

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