Financial reporting shouldn’t feel like navigating a maze

Chapters and affiliates all over the place giving you a headache? You may relate…

Reporting_Icon.JPGReporting = Nonexistent
If you don’t know where the member payments are coming from or how much, it’s hard to report to your nationals and vice versa. With no real data, your reports are guesswork at best.

Timing_Icon.JPGTiming is key
Even if your data is being collected, is it in real-time? Delayed data and funds can cause inaccurate records. You don’t want to be sending past due notices to a member that paid a week ago…or even to the wrong email address. Or worse, you don’t want to compromise member services based on incorrect information.

Budget_IconFinancial Health
Not to mention, do you even have any idea how much chapters and locals are collecting? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a report that shows down to the penny how and where the funds are coming in while updating member information?

Visibility_IconIntegrated Systems = Full Visibility
Shouldn’t all your systems be integrated? With an up-to-date view of your entire organization’s financial health, you should be able to see:

1. Cash account balances

2. Invoicing & collection percentages

3. Budget summaries

4. Group-specific (e.g. chapters, local affiliates or lodges) reports and more

Tired of navigating the tricky layout of chapters and affiliates?

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