Curveballs keep tripping you up? Pick a partner that’s tried and true.

Blue_strategy_iconTired of striking out?baseball

With unfavorable legislation continuously rearing its ugly head, it’s tough to know exactly how to prepare. With the looming threats of Right-to-Work for less, loss of payroll deductions for dues and political contributions, you know that your staff would be spending untold amounts of time processing and tracking member payments and information. But what can you do?

Blue_Lightbulb_IconStep up to the plate

What you really need is one multi-talented player with a proven track record and a solution that’s configured for the way your union operates. So when threats strike, you’re protected.

Billhighway is an automated member payment solution with exceptional transaction speed, accuracy and data management skills.

Blue_Cog_IconKeep the play moving forward

Our precision process begins by cleaning your membership data to make sure all information is as accurate as possible.

Through the power of systems integration, member statements are generated automatically based on a schedule that works for your union and your members.

Payments, like checks, credit cards and bank transactions are processed quickly and securely. Can you say PCI compliant?

Blue_Payment_IconTake back YOUR control

Our payment solution is as seamless as payroll deductions used to be and customizable like never before. Members can pay their way – monthly, weekly, annually, with credit card, check or ACH. Choose your payment frequency and then set it and forget it. And you can forget that legislative storm cloud over your head. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

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