Got chapters? Could this be the next trend?

There is no doubt that when an association has chapters, there is an added layer of complexity when it comes to operations, technology and processes. 


 We find ourselves consistently referencing a great session from the 2016 ASAE MM&C Conference and wanted to share it with you.
The session was ‘Creating a New Chapter System’ presented by
Jay Donohue, CAE, CMP, President & CEO of IAAP and Paul Stalkhecht CAE, CMP, President & CEO of Air Conditioning Contractors of America


There was one word discussed in the session that really resonated with us…


How are associations similar to franchises and how can they benefit from the franchise model when it comes to three things…?


 strong chapters
When the success of your chapters determines your success as a whole organization, their performance becomes increasingly critical.


How can you provide all the necessary technology tools to your chapters to help them succeed?

What would your support efforts look like if technology was standardized?

Are you currently able to identify and measure where chapters are under performing or out of compliance?


These questions led us to find this insightful article from Bob Harris, CAE, who has deep association experience and runs Harris Management Group.



What do you think?

Do his thoughts around franchising models for associations resonate with you?

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