Be prepared no matter what legislation comes your way

Gray_Bank_IconWhy Now?
With opposing legislation ebbing and flowing through our state and federal Houses and Senates it’s important to be prepared for anything. With deceptive phrases such as “Right-to-Work” and “paycheck protection” the future is unpredictable.

Alternative Dues Technology for Labor Unions

Watch the video to see how you can automate your dues collection process.

Fray_Automation_IconAutomation = Your Home Run
The real magic of our membership and dues solution happens as soon as the dollars and data are through the door.

Your organization decides what portion of a single dues payment goes where, and Billhighway configures the funds to flow automatically when the payment is made. Whether it’s to the local or state affiliate, the regional office or national headquarters. Members can even set up auto-pay. It lets them set it and forget it, now doesn’t that sound nice?

Gray_Calculator_IconYou Can Breathe Easily Again
Rest easy knowing that there is a way to combat legislative threats. You don’t need to worry about how your team would manually calculate how much money goes to locals or states. Need to build a separate channel for political or charitable contributions to remain compliant with state laws? Easily done.

Once funds settle into the designated account, they get the once over again to reconcile any discrepancies. Did we mention, that WE take care of this automatically? You don’t have to lift a finger.

Gray_stats_iconBetter Data = More Accurate Reports
Now with clean data and efficient dues management, your organization can access up-to-the-minute stats with just a few clicks.

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