The Mystical World of Chapter ROI – Assessment Included

We continue to hear the same question being asked – are chapters worth it? Our guts tell us yes, but having the numbers to prove it is much more challenging.

It’s Not All Rainbows & Roses

In a recent webinar, we unpacked this concept of chapter ROI. Why is it so hard to calculate? How can it be turned into something manageable? Where do you even begin?
See the key takeaways below, as well as links to the complete presentation and recorded webinar.


Obstacles to ROI 

Unique Chapter Challenges

  • Dysfunctional leadership
  • Strategic misalignment
  • National opposition
  • Volunteer burnout
  • Inability to recruit new members

Communication Challenges

  • Misalignment with national
  • Communication cadence, frequency and style
  • Quality control & value proposition
Staffing Challenges

Governance Challenges

  • Chapter responsibility
  • Risk management
  • Limited effectiveness
  • Uniqueness between chapters

What Drives ROI?

Every organization has a different mix of revenue streams. Focusing on each stream and understanding the role it plays in your revenue mix is important.

  • Member retention & renewals
  • Event upselling
  • New memberships
  • Product & service sales
All of these obstacles and drivers of ROI come back to one word that Peter Houstle of Mariner Management & Marketing LLC mentions in the quote above – data.

Where does the data process begin?

  1. Keep it simple – Start with a few performance metrics and data points that matter most to your organization. Taking on too much at once will be a huge burden and could be distracting towards your ultimate goal.
  2. Know what matters – Not all data is created equal, and something that works for one association may not work for another. Know what information matters to your association. You may need to rope in some additional teams internally to ensure everyone is on the same page as to what you should be measuring and where the biggest data gaps are.
  3. Know your obstacles and challenges – No one is perfect. If you have rogue chapters, or maybe chapters that aren’t collecting data in the first place, start there. Acknowledge your potential obstacles and get ahead of them, or level set and know that some pieces of the project are going to come later.
  4. Collect the data – Figuring out how to collect the data can be the biggest challenge, and doing it in a way that doesn’t burden staff and chapters. Technology is usually the answer. You’ll want to know if your existing systems are capable of accomplishing what you want or if you need to evaluate and select a new solution – if that’s in your association’s best interest to do so.
  5. Interpret the data – You need to understand what the data is telling you. Are chapters struggling with member retention? Is acquisition a challenge? Are there patterns across chapters that surprise you? Sharing the takeaways from the data across your organization can help shape strategic objectives.
  6. Learn from other CRPs – If you have a specific challenge, chances are someone else has it, or has had it. So ask around. Leverage other component professionals who understand your unique challenges.


Where are you in your chapter ROI journey?

Download this quick worksheet to analyze your revenue streams, prioritize your focus and determine how National AND Chapters can help drive greater revenue impact.

View full webinar presentation | View full webinar recording (Not only is it informative, but we like to think we’re pretty entertaining too!)

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